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Dia.L (pronounced Dial)

The dynamic duo (Lailah & Radius), return with their sophomore release; Injera, inspired/dedicated/named after an essential element within some of their favorite cuisine and lifestyle; Ethiopian Food.

"A thin, round traditionally Ethiopian/Eritrean flatbread prepared by fermenting batter made from teff flour and cooking it on a griddle, usually eaten by placing servings of accompanying dishes on top..."

-Our bond has grown MUCH stronger since our 2016 self titled release, not only within the studio, or live performance, but overall as friends! We often gather at different times from being apart for a while, due to travel or work, to celebrate our accomplishments, or to just catch up and strategize for a new project or upcoming show over Ethiopian food. Eating off of a circle platter, with our hands in the middle grabbing such potent food, while discussing the various elements of our lives, is very important to us as a group, but more so as friends.

Dia.L are all about LOVE, and bringing people together with music and art. Injera is the official bread of the original peoples of this planet, within the horn of Africa. Bread is essential, just like our breath; bread is LIFE.

We invite you Come break Injera with us.

Melkam Megeb (Good/Happy meal in Amharic)...

*As heard on Bandcamp Weekly, Gilles Peterson BBC Music/BBC Radio 6, TIna Edwards Worldwide FM and more...*

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