Dad Rock, Hawaiian Soul, House, Spiritual Jazz: Listen to "Now In Stock" on Spotify

Our tastes are all over the place! Which works out just fine when running a record store: when used records come in, we're open to checking 'em out — our ever-curious ears are eager to put fresh inventory on the turntables to hear. (Side note: if you're looking to sell your vinyl, CDs and tapes, go here.)

Lately we've been getting more "dad rock" — 60s to 80s pop rock music — hence the latest "Now In Stock" playlist featuring tunes from The Cars, The Beatles, and The Steve Miller Band. That's just the top of the palm tree (i.e. tip of the iceberg), because we've loaded the list up with other wondrous delights, from vintage and modern reggae, to deep house and spiritual jazz, plus a few Hawaiian soul gems for good measure. 

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The Beatles - Because
Chuck Berry - Around And Around
Carlton & The Shoes - You and Me
Mellow Mood - Promise
Nohelani Cypriano - Livin' Without You
The Cars - Why Can't I Have You
Earth Boys - BK Swing
Maria Chiara Argirò - Bonsai
Laurence Guy - You Do Your Best To Hide The Good Parts of Yourself
Hubert Laws - What a Night!
Steve Miller Band - My Own Space
Martin Denny - Amy's Theme
Country Comfort - To Be Lonely
Charlie Mariano - Aszu
Chris Muñoz - Maria Inez, Pt. 1
Surya Botofasina - Sun Of Keshava