Saturday, Dec. 18th - In store Event!


Pocketbook Collection

Official Boxset Release Party


Release Party + All Day Vinyl DJs

Saturday, December 18th, 12pm-7pm



"(DJ) Packo, a native Hawaiian turntablist who explores and produces bass and ambient music. Packo’s been a staple in the underground hip hop and electronic dance culture since 1999, finding his niche as one of Hawaii’s most distinguished turntablists. A music enthusiast at heart, Packo’s current explorations into production revisits the art of musical storytelling. On the journey to defining his sound, the results are simple: make music to think to."


Celebrating the release of The Pocketbook Collection, catch DJPACKO and friends for an all day in-store event. The Pocketbook Collection is made up of 12 x 7" records; each one representing a month and corresponding themes through the mind and composition of DJPacko. Come down to grab the collection as a bundle, and other music and merch from Skratchmore Records.


I - a. Photon Freefall b. Quantum Tunneling
II - a. Starfields b. Shuffle Debris
III - a. Fossilized b. Brightmare
IV - a. Refinery b. Swingset
V. a. Rainwalker b. Deforestation
VI. a. Regenerator b. Mirage
VII. a. Circuit Break b. Dosimetrics
VIII. a. Overthrow b. Refuge
IX. a. Outernational b. Engine Failure
X. a. Cave Dwellas b. Thrunderfrost
XI. a. Wingspray b. Subterranea
XII. a. Ballistic Missile Threat b. Mass Destruction