• Dugong - Let the Good be Good

Dugong - Let the Good be Good

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Active since 2011, Dugong are a unique proposition on the European jazz scene. Comprising virtuoso saxophonist Nicolò Ricci from Amsterdam, refined guitarist Michele Caiati from Milan, and the creative London-based rhythmic section of bassist Andrea Di Biase and drummer Riccardo Chiaberta, they meld contemporary jazz with post-rock, their sound shaped and influenced by improvisers such as The Bad Plus and Bill Frisell, and Classical composers such as Chopin and Messiaen.

After releasing "Miscommunication" in 2014 and "The Big Other" in 2018, they recorded "Let the Good be Good" for independent label Honolulu Records. "Let the Good Be Good" was born during the darkest days of the pandemic and it is an impassioned yet kind appeal to themselves and everyone around them to be in the moment and to let what’s good flow without fear.

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