• Felipe Gordon - Natural Born Climber

Felipe Gordon - Natural Born Climber

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An artist who will need little introduction amongst our seasoned followers, Bogotá producer Felipe Gordon is back with his seventh label release. Natural Born Climber EP sees Gordon continue in the same jazz-inflected vein as his previous EP, boasting his talent as a multi-instrumentalist and dexterity in combining textures to make an infectious whole.

The EP starts as it means to go on. ‘The Love’ cruises along an irresistible groove, oozing sex appeal and at times tickling the ears with a classy jazz piano. ‘Da Ghent Life’ is about funk. A bass guitar meanders beneath skippy percussion before giving way to a soul-stroking saxophone breakdown before ‘More Than Grateful’ follows suit, maintaining the uplifting tone. Finally, the title track sees the EP at its most ravey. It’s impossible not to move to ‘Natural Born Climbers’ ’s piano-stab melody and Detroit-inspired vocal chops.

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