• Gianni Brezzo - Soundscapes Vol.1 - Music For Harlequins

Gianni Brezzo - Soundscapes Vol.1 - Music For Harlequins


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Following on the tails of his 2022 opus LP “Tutto Passa," Gianni Brezzo, the studio project of producer + multi-instr. Marvin Horsch, continues his sonic exploration with LP “Soundscapes Vol. 1 - Music for Harlequins,” journeying through baroque pastures and medieval acoustics to bring forth an aural palette of colorful, timeless arrangements that fit comfortably in the sonic pocket.

Lush and nuanced instrumentation all seamlessly meld together within Gianni’s groove-driven framework - the tracks on “Harlequins” present thematic moods that act as sonic windows into an enduring past.

Gianni found himself listening back to the music he listened throughout his youth - much of it metal. He started exploring how those influences could be incorporated with the musicians he currently works with and his release catalog. Sticking to certain harmonic and rhythmic concepts relating more to a “European” or “Folklorist” sound, Gianni taps into his classical guitar background, approaching the music with a more thematic, jazz-driven feel.

Fits that perfect, instrumental jazz / soul / groove-based disposition that will keep you noddin'.

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