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Hanah Spring - Sozo


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Based on R&B full of 90's flavor, which is her origin, the album features sophisticated production work by mabanua, Shingo Sekiguchi, DJ HAZIME, Shun Ishiwaka, Uyama Hiroto, grooveman Spot, and others, and soulful vocals that will make your heartstrings tremble. The album is an ongoing neo-soul album with crossover vocals!

Featuring a variety of guest musicians including Ruto Kasahara, Emi Tawada, CHAN-MIKA, and Kzyboost, the album also includes a cover of the superb R&B number "Appletree" by the beloved Erykah Badu!

She has been an opening act for international artists such as Erykah Badu, The Roots, Musiq Soulchild, and others on their Japan tour, as well as a member of the backing chorus for MISIA's tours and recordings. From her first album "Soul Flower" (2008) to her 5th album "Dreamin'" (2018), she has established a firm position as one of the leading Japanese soul divas of the 2010s with her soulful vocals and emotional feeling that tugs at the heartstrings of the listeners. Hanah Spring", who has established herself as one of the leading Japanese soul divas of the 2010s with her soulful vocals and emotional feeling, has finally completed a self-produced album that expresses her passion for the beloved "music" that has nurtured her!

The producers who sublimated the 90's style R&B, which could be called the origin, into sophisticated, ongoing neo-soul include ROOT SOUL, who has been active in the club scene both in Japan and abroad with his funky bass and groovy sound production, DJ HAZIME, who has been active in the club scene since the 90's and still leads the HIPHOP scene, DJ Hazime, who has also been active in the club scene since the 90's and has been producing HIPHOP, SOUL, FUNK and FUNK. DJ HAZIME, who passed through the street scene in the 90's in real time and is still leading the HIPHOP scene, and groove producers who have been active in the club scene since the 90's and have incorporated a wide variety of styles such as HIPHOP, SOUL, FUNK, JAZZ, etc. into their music. Drummer Shun Ishiwaka, who leads the jazz scene to new horizons through his work with Answer To Remember, and Uyama Hiroto, who is highly acclaimed overseas for his collaborations with nujabes and his original sound, are eminent musicians who straddle generations and scenes. The album also includes updated tracks by mabanua and Shingo Sekiguchi from origami Home Sessions, a project launched to revitalize the music scene!

Featuring Ruto Kasahara, a next generation R&B singer, Youth of Roots, Emi Tawada, a singer from Okinawa who attracts listeners with her vocals full of island flavor, CHAN-MIKA, whose vibes come from the street scene in Yokohama via New York and Jamaica, and Kzyboost, a Tolkboxer who has been featured on many artists' songs in the HIPHOP scene. CHAN-MIKA, whose one-of-a-kind voice is heard on the album, and Kzyboost, who has been featured in the music of many artists active in the HIPHOP scene as a tolkboxer, are among the diverse musicians who have participated! In addition, the compilation of his career, "Appletree," which includes a cover of Erykah Badu's jazzy and moody R&B song "Appletree," which he adores, will be released!

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