Munir - Circuit Line

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Blending his signature Boogie sound with Italo-Disco influences, the record brings forth four stylishly crafted modern dancefloor cuts. ‘Circuit Line’ is built on a foundation of reverence to the arpeggiator, driven by neon synth tones racing each other to the finish line. This racing theme defines the record throughout, painting images of classic 80s racing games on standout tracks ‘Finish Line’ and ‘Race Car’. ‘Interlinked’ takes on a more subdued approach, building in intensity and weirdness with each synth line layered on. Showcasing Munir’s prowess with percussion, ‘Pit Stop’ is a feverish club workout rounding out the record as a complete package for the discerning DJ’s arsenal. Crafted in his Bandung studio with love for classic hardware and respect for its musical influences, ‘Circuit Line’ represents a turning point for Munir’s sonic evolution.

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