• Shin Rizumu - Musica Popular Japonesa

Shin Rizumu - Musica Popular Japonesa


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A singer-songwriter (multi-instrumentalist) who writes lyrics, composes, arranges music, plays instruments such as guitar, bass, and drums, and does his own programming. Since his debut, which made a big splash, he has honed his songwriting skills, which have earned him a reputation as a new generation pop maestro, and his long-awaited new songs are in MPB mode. Brazilian popular music has been influenced by rock and other Western influences since bossa nova. This is a work that expresses a strong desire for song-oriented pop music that evokes the mood of MPB, which has enjoyed the blessings of many works, even those of the current artists. The melody maker's face, light groove, extended singing voice and fresh chorus. The beautifully refined, woven melody is contrasted by the hooky development of the music. The melody, vocals, chorus, and arrangement all make you want to hum along. A colorful masterpiece with a light rhythmic feel and a stylish, catchy pop sensibility is born!

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