• The Mimikoto Project - Spirals

The Mimikoto Project - Spirals

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Spirals goes back to the roots of jazz, funk, and disco and brings elements of these music streams into house music. In the appearance of swing, jazz was originally a dance music genre, which later developed in many directions. Various other genres were born from it. Even electronic music streams like house belong to those genres. Bearing this in mind, Spirals connects different points in the history of these genres. Bringing this fusion to life, the MIMIKOTO Project works with electronic elements (analog synths, drum computers, electronic modulations) as well as acoustic instruments (saxophones, keys, trumpet, bass, drums and percussions). The MIMIKOTO Project was founded in 2019 by Fabio Kumori as a collective of musicians related to jazz, funk, soul, and electronic music, after a certain period of composing and playing as duo, trio and quartet. One of the central goals of the MIMIKOTO Project is to include people from different backgrounds -- to be inclusive regarding the music and the musicians themselves. May the sound of Spirals be a social room in which everyone is invited to participate, and may this idea be spread everywhere where it will be played.

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