• Various Artists - 8,9,10 and 9,10,11 from Gung Ho 1,2,3D

Various Artists - 8,9,10 and 9,10,11 from Gung Ho 1,2,3D

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The innovative and highly influential New Zealand-based sound-performance group, From Scratch, made extensive use of found and repurposed objects as well as custom-made instruments in their intricately interlocking percussion music. One of their signature instruments consisted of carefully tuned PVC pipes, played with foam rubber mallets; arrays of these feature prominently, along with drums and tuned percussion, in Gung Ho 1,2,3D, an extended composition which sumptuously investigates polyrhythmic relationships indicated by the number sequences which title each section of the piece. Featured here is the original 1982 recording of the "8, 9, 10" and "9, 10, 11" sections of the piece, previously issued in 1988 by Flying Nun. Rounding out this release are three 2016 translations of the piece, based on the original score.

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