• Yasin Hazim - In Current

Yasin Hazim - In Current

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In Current is the debut album of Yasin Hazim, an artist we have had a friendship with for nearly a decade. His penchant for soul and blues music crisscross throughout the album. The rich cascading layers and flowing piano reflect his classical training growing up in Paris, while the deep grooves give a nod to his rave days in California and late nights in New York. Throughout In Current there is a melodic, dreamlike journey that washes over thick, dusty hand drums & cultural seasonings, paying homage to his Algerian and Moroccan heritage. The album is a smooth and mysterious trip downriver into an abyss of timeless harmony. Funky guitar lines, smoky hot jazz horns and enchanting vocals come together to solidify this very personal album from Yasin Hazim that is a true sonic reflection of the world all around him.

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