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Zopelar - Charme

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Zopelar arrives on Tartelet Records with Charme – an album of effervescent machine funk harking back to a golden era of Brazilian party music, releasing October 21.

Stemming from an emotional sincerity to reconnect with his Brazilian background, Pedro Zopelar releases a 10-track celebration of life, music, and good times enjoyed.

The album is inspired by a particular phenomenon that caught on at suburban parties in 1980s Rio de Janeiro:

“Charme was like a mix of slow boogie, R’n’B and new jack swing. DJ Corello started calling ‘charme’ the moment at a party when he played slow grooves and the people started dancing with sexier, synchronized moves. On this record I tried to make something that brings this feeling out in a modern way,”
Zopelar says.

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