Now In Stock Playlist 05

This week's playlist is all about rhythm, mostly instrumental funk peppered with dream pop, ambient, and a few other outlier tracks we think you'll like.

Every individual has their own rhythm in life. Enhanced by music this cadence can change ones trajectory. You'll hear it in conversations at the shop. "Before this album I was never a fan of Jazz," or "I'd love to see them live in Brazil one day," are a few example of people riding the rhythm. Opening up to it, and joining in on the collective experience that is listening to music and letting it become a part of your life.

This response to music is less philosophical, and gets us out of our heads. Music creates space for us to explore, discover, and physically express ourselves. Sure, we are a shop that sells music, and the direct impact of buying new music is supporting artists. Not just musicians but the team it takes to make a record. But we're also big believers in the process of digging, and finding music that brings you relief and pure joy.

Thanks for rocking with us! See you at the shop. 


Raton — Robson Jorge, Lincoln Olivetti
Yung Boi Suite — Surprise Chef
How Can He Be — Matty
Se Quiser Valer — Antonia Carlos & Jocafi
TKBK — Takuya Kuroda
Na boca do sol — Arthur Verocai
サラ—ム — Saki Kubota
Friendly Exploitation (live) — Maryanne Ito
Mama (You Will Make It) — Adrian Younge
No One Understands Me (I'm OG) — The Pro-Teens
solid as a mountain (dub) — Root Makers
Kagami No Naka No Jyugatsu — STUDIO MULE
Key to Love (Is Understanding) ft. Jonah Yano — BADBADNOTGOOD
Escobar — Ratgrave, Max Graef, Julius Conrad
Continue the Fun (Space Version) — The Mauskovic Dance Band
Watermelon Woman — Yu Su
Kannibal — Kreidler
Control It — Empress
Lady of My Heart — Hawaii
今日かぎり — Hiroaki Igarashi
パジャムにレインコ—ト — Yumi Matsutoya
Not Not Not — Kate NV
5th World Symphony — Seahawks
Jarabi — Yasmin Williams
Creepin' — Thomas Iannucci Feat. Parris Chariz