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Track - Artist

Vega - Bremer/McCoy
Grew up Inna Chaos - Mara TK, 2MY
Life in Paradise - Ronnie Laws
Time and Space - Us3
Yesterday's Love - Aura
Sassy - Al Lopaka, The Leahi's
Hey Lover (Instrumental) - Adrian Young, Ali Shaheed Muhammad
Thank You MK - Tommy Guerrero
Abusey Junction - KOKOROKO
Rio Tapajós - Fabiano Do Nascimento
The Valley of the Wind - Joe Hisaishi
Lindonéia - Nara Leão
Sink - Sudan Archives
Better Than That - Erika de Casier
Road of the Lonely - Madlib
Digital Haircut - Lord Echo
Moonlight - TootArd
Jigoo - Maurice Fulton, Peggy Gou