• FRNT BZNZZ - Cool It, Pump The Brakes (AGS-7009)

FRNT BZNZZ - Cool It, Pump The Brakes (AGS-7009)

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Producer and multi-instrumentalist FRNT BZNZZ is a musical genius to most in the Honolulu scene, having performed almost everywhere in nearly every capacity with just about everyone on island — his impact, however, has yet to extend beyond Hawaii. Aloha Got Soul aims to change that by reaching audiences in all corners of the globe with FRNT BZNZZ’s first vinyl release. 

Fully self-produced, this limited 7” of spatial, sometimes haunting electronic boogie shines a light on sounds from Hawaii that rarely get heard. 

Music from the Hawaiian Islands often evokes images of tropical paradise, sunny beaches, laid back encounters. We want to show you the other side of it, a sonic anti-thesis to common perceptions of Hawaii. 

FRNT BZNZZ’s talent comes from his roots. His father is legendary Brazilian percussionist Carlinhos do Pandeiro, who now resides in LA. His mother is Sandy Tsukiyama, once Nohelani Cypriano’s backup singer and percussionist in the 70s and now host of The Brazilian Experience, one of Hawaii’s top radio programs. 

FRNT BZNZZ can be found in Honolulu collaborating with local musicians, producers and vocalists in his studio tucked away on the side of a mountain in a Manoa Valley home designed by architect Vladimir Ossipoff. 

Artwork by Dana Paresa.

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