• Greenwood - Sparkle (AGS-027) [repress]
  • Greenwood - Sparkle (AGS-027) [repress]
  • Greenwood - Sparkle (AGS-027) [repress]
  • Greenwood - Sparkle (AGS-027) [repress]
  • Greenwood - Sparkle (AGS-027) [repress]

Greenwood - Sparkle (AGS-027) [repress]


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Repress alert! Greenwood's popular Tatsuro Yamashita cover is back on wax — this time in sparkling gold vinyl and classic black vinyl.

Pulled from the city pop master's For You album and translated into English, "Sparkle" is Greenwood's claim to newfound fame in the 2000's.

Recorded in 1985, Greenwood sold very few copies back then. The local market just wasn't interested, and overseas sales were out of reach.

In 2009, Tokyo's DJ Muro added Greenwood's "Sparkle" to his Hawaiian Breaks mixtape. Almost overnight, Greenwood's long forgotten single became a hit — nearly 25 years later!

Their newfound success motivated the band to finish what they started in 1985: a full-length album. Greenwood returned to the studio and in 2014 released an 11-track album, including a newly polished version of "Sparkle". 

Aloha Got Soul was given permission to press both the 1985 and 2014 versions of "Sparkle" together on a 7-inch. Our first run in 2019 sold out quickly. This 2021 repress introduces a "sparkling" gold vinyl to the line-up. 

Greenwood recently finished their sophomore album, Music Book, which includes more Tatsuro Yamashita covers. Music Book is now available through Aloha Got Soul and direct from the band.


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