• Steve & Teresa - Catching A Wave (AGS-038) (album)
  • Steve & Teresa - Catching A Wave (AGS-038) (album)
  • Steve & Teresa - Catching A Wave (AGS-038) (album)

Steve & Teresa - Catching A Wave (AGS-038) (album)


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Rarely does a record so perfectly encapsulate the essence of Hawai‘i.

Steve Ma‘i‘i and Teresa Bright enchanted every listener they encountered, including engineer Rick Keefer, who convinced the pair to record at his Sea-West Studios in nearby Hau‘ula.

They cut the album in less than three hours.

The resulting LP gave Hawai‘i one of its greatest musical gifts of the 20th century, a song entitled “Catching A Wave”.

During the 1970s and 1980s, Hawai‘i’s live music scene was at its peak. Countless clubs, lounges, and bars filled the islands. Musicians embraced and experimented with all manner of ideas. Among them were Steve & Teresa, a harmonizing guitar-and-bass duo that floated somewhere between nostalgia and an unassuming island sound.

Together, they crafted a refreshing approach to jazz standards, traditional Hawaiian tunes, and hapa haole classics.

Throughout Hawai‘i today, "Catching A Wave" is heard covered everywhere: at weddings, family parties, televised concerts, music festivals. But while the myriad musicians who perform “Catching A Wave” know it by heart, the album itself has long been out-of-print.

We're honored to reissue their timeless debut for the world to hear.

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