• Your Song Is Good 'Coast to Coast EP' (AGS-12001)
  • Your Song Is Good 'Coast to Coast EP' (AGS-12001)

Your Song Is Good 'Coast to Coast EP' (AGS-12001)

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This collaborative release, the Coast to Coast EP, represents a unique opportunity for us to connect the past and the present, and as bridge the musical relationship we share between Hawaii and Japan.  

When we started 2018’s Soul Time in Tokyo, I pitched Jun "JxJx" Saito the idea of releasing a 7-inch of their instrumental version of Babadu's "We're Not To Blame", which they performed live in 2017 with VIDEOTAPEMUSIC. 

YSIG and VTM recorded the instrumental in Tokyo late 2017 and sent over the final mixdown in January 2018. This was around the same time we were recording Nick Kurosawa’s debut EP, 'Home', so I asked Nick to lend his soulful voice to the instrumental. That’s when we decided to turn this into a 12″. 

Following the Tokyo release party in April 2018, the 12″ sold out within two weeks throughout Japan. Fortunately, AGS secured a small stock of vinyl for our shop. 

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